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Are you thinking of making the big move from Oahu to the Mainland? You are not alone!

Re-locating can be a complicated process, which is why our goal is to make your move as smooth and stress free as possible. Our Long Distance Moving is a Full Service moving experience that we offer, meaning our professional team will take care of everything for you, from the loading of the first box, to dealing with shipping containers and trucks, to the unpacking of the last piece of furniture.

We’re not just any ordinary moving service. We will help you with every aspect of the moving process. At the start of the day our team of movers will arrive promptly at the agreed time. There is no need to prepare days ahead of your move as our movers we will disassemble any furniture for you, as well as pack up your closet in wardrobe boxes. Before carefully loading your belongings into the truck, we make sure everything is well protected. Furniture will be wrapped in protective wrap or blankets, and mattresses in plastic. We will organize your belongings getting to the port, where we will carefully load them onto our shipping container, ready for our trucks to pick them up and deliver them to your new home. Upon arrival at your new home, we will unwrap everything, reassemble furniture and hang your clothes neatly back in your closets.

Mililani Movers

Mililani Movers Review


The movers from Mililani Movers were so efficient. They packed up everything very quickly and diligently. Nothing went missing during the trip and it really made me happy. I would use them again and recommend them to anyone in need.

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